Mar 16, 2022 06:37 PM
I don’t know why, but I really like foldable items such as folding umbrellas.
I wanted to know what kind of foldable items there are in the US, so I did some research and am posting my notes.
I find an interesting website that lists up some items which can be folded.
I didn’t know there are foldable helmets like the below one. When I did cycling, I need to hang my helmet on my backpack and it is distracting, so I think I’d like it a lot.
I don’t use shovels, so I don’t need these, but the form is really cool.
I think the below shovel the coolest for me.
This Pinterest collection shows many foldable items including lots of camping equipment.
Totally unrelated, but the room below that I found in the collection was really cool.
It shows many electric bicycles and most of these aren’t foldable, but the second one, MiJia QiCycle by Xiaomi, is foldable and it is compact and cool.
This video shows many foldable furniture and house.