I want to make one-year target and quarter targets, so I search about OKR and take a note.
OKR is a quarterly goal-setting technique and it is made from two parts.
Objectives: What I want
Key Results: Measurable and quantitative index to know how I achieve.
SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable Related Time-bound
Cycle check-in: 15-20 minute
Achievement rate becomes 60~70% is good objectives.
Weekly check-in
  1. Check current OKR status to track goal or not.
  1. Learning from last week.
  1. Setting priority plans for next week.
Making Objective Rule (I changed for personal)
  • Help achieve company goals my future goal?
  • Is it inspiring?
  • Move the company me forward?
  • Is it timebound?
  • Annual or quarterly?
He shows the importance of setting collect objectives.
I should think about why I set that objective.